Sutherland Springs Million Dollar Homecoming

$100,000 REWARD for proof of death .

Another Day Another Texas Hoax

Another staged police shooting hoax .

Sutherland Springs The Show Must Go On

$100,000 REWARD for proof of death .

Jade Helm Alive In Texas 2018

Daily false flag hoax drills are a regular thing .

Sutherland Springs Making New Friends

Insane Crisis Actor makes feeble attempt to sell the lie they hide . $100,000 REWARD for proof of death .

Infowars Interview Exposes Government Paid Gatekeepers

Another government paid operative exposed .

San Antonio Mall Shooting Funeral

Meeting our new friend Manny Quinn .

Undercover Sutherland Springs Church Shooting Footage

Night one of the staged drill .

Sutherland Springs Sheriff Department Visit

$100,000 REWARD for proof of death .