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Sheriff Admits Church Shooting Was A Drill

Can't even tell the truthful details without getting fired.


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The Truth Of What Is Really Going On !

$100,000 REWARD

For proof of death in any of the listed staged events . They are all drills using crisis actors that were sold to the public as real . NO DEAD , NO WOUNDED .

Department Of Homeland Security Capstone Exercises & U.N. Drills

1) Florida High School Shooting 2) Sandy Hook School Shooting 3) Texas Sutherland Springs Church Shooting 4) Las Vegas Concert Shooting 5) Boston Marathon Bombing 6) Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting 7) Charleston Church Shooting 8) Manchester Concert Bombing 9) Times Square Car Attack 10) Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting 11) Alpine Texas School Shooting 12) Charlie Hebdo Shooting 13) Oslo Bombing and Shooting 14) Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting 15) Virginia Live News Crew Shooting 16) Nice France Truck Attack 17) Istanbul Airport Bombing and Shooting 18) Paris France Mass Shooting 19) Ft. Lauderdale Airport Shooting 20) Melbourne Australia Car Attack 21) Lockhart Balloon Crash 22) Atlanta Olympic Bombing 23) San Antonio Rolling Oaks Mall Shooting 24) San Bernardino School Shooting 25) Cascade Mall Shooting 26) Berlin Truck Attack 27) San Diego Pool Shooting 28) U.K. Parliament Attack 29) Dallas Police Shooting 30) Israel Truck Attack 31) Chattanooga Bus Crash 32) Barcelona Van Attack 33) Los Angeles LAX Airport Shooting

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